Prayers requested

Dad was rushed to ER today coz he had excruciating pain. It’s his gall bladder. It hurt so bad he thought it’s a heart attack

But he has a lot of other issues too, for which he is under treatment already.

The scary part, this happened before his manic episode too.

There’s a whole chain of events/symptoms before he had that episode and most of them are already happening.

It will take a few days to get full picture. Please pray for him.

It was a hard day. He is literally my everything, I will crumble if something happens to him.

I did tell Sam. I didn’t want to but she called and couldn’t hold back.

Felt better after that. But been dizzy since i heard so I’m just trying not to move much. I think i kinda went too foggy and blank in kitchen. So.. resting a little for now. Don’t worry.

Just pray. We need a lot of prayers.

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  1. Sending up prayers.
    Take comfort in at least this….had my gallbladder removed a few years ago, our daughter had to have hers removed too. It was the easiest outpatient surgery and recovery ever! And, felt Sooooo much better after. I know there’s a lot more than this and I’m covering both your dad and you in prayers for those but at least you may have peace of mind with his gallbladder.
    Always with love, Laura

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    1. I know gall bladder removal surgery isn’t that scary. But doctors are looking at other things too especially his liver. I’m glad they are not rushing into a procedure yet. they are making sure they are on the right track. So, I’m relieved to some extend already.

      but I will tell dad there are people who felt better after that surgery he was kinda worried about that few days back when we didn’t even know this was going to happen.

      Thanks so much for the support and prayers.

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  2. ❤ Gallbladder pain is harsh. I know some of my friends and patients have described it as unbearable. I am glad he was rushed to ER, they will be experienced in providing care. Lots of virtual hugs to you, stay strong for your Dad and family. ❤

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