Pushing through

I think I am having some success here with pushing through all of whatever is happening.

Thanks to my friend C, who kept constantly telling me to not give up and to keep moving or do something even it’s the tiniest thing. And sending me screenshots of live baby panda..it’s just our thing.

It’s 10 30 and I’m surprisingly doing ok!

Dad is getting tested for almost everything for a better diagnosis before any procedure. So far things look under control, as long as he is inside a hospital I am not having a heart attack

Mom.. writing about it helped. The pain of losing her might be blocked inside but sharing what I feel about that feeling did help me with anxiety.

Was I able to shower? Yes. Sounds gross but when depression hits, I can’t do that. So I’m not in a dark scary place.

Did I eat? A LOT! I can’t stop eating. I’m actually in sort of overdrive but I don’t feel panicked or anxious.

But.. my goal of losing weight before my bday is out of the window!

I’m grazing like a cow but, in my defence I felt burned out.

Cooked cleaned organized and all..

Went to pick my grocery dropped at the old address… this one always makes me feel like a thief.

It’s been a bit hard since yesterday, yesterday I couldn’t move.

Today I really pushed through successfully

Oh I listened to lectures too.

And before sleeping I will refill humidifier, put some lavender oil in it.. Spray a little perfume on my wrists. Luna (a facial oil) on face. Handcream on hands.

A melatonin under the tongue.

…aaaaand binge on modern family till I fall sleep (i need light humor).

Or maybe re-re-re-watch an episode of Sherlock…or true crime.. psychotic, i know!

And just like that this day will be over too.


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