Weird fking day..

Guess who is in town??


After 7 years of living apart, we are finally in the same country and city!

I was tracking her flight, and waiting for her like an excited monkey.

And when i heard her voice i was like… “welcome to Dubai!!!”

And i was so happy and thrilled, I will see her soon.

But then i talked to my bro and dad is still getting tested for a lot of things before surgery.

And he said dad was up and then he asked him if he wanted to talk..

Next I heard dad’s voice and I lost it.

He sounded soooo weak, obviously he had been sleeping for like 2 days, he is on pain killers and sedatives.

And I started crying so bad I tried hard he doesn’t hear it but I was choking back tears I’m sure he heard something.

He said “it’s nothing, they will remove it.”

And I said “yea I’m glad they are not rushing it” it was so soo hard to say that.

I just lost it. I couldn’t stop crying after that.

What a weird fling day.

Sam is here and I’m over the moon.

Tomorrow will be 3 yrs to losing mom…I wish there was a way to skip this day.

Dad’s is in hospital, probably will have surgery tomorrow.

like..same day!!

What wrong with our lives. Why life turn so depressing for us.

I’m fine.

Astoundingly fine!

My friend is kinda worried she says my fine doesn’t sound that fine. But I really think I’m fine.


Keep praying for my parents please.

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