After 3 days of tests and all doctor’s have done one procedure.

Actually turned out dad had some stuff slipped from his gallbladder to bile duct and it got blocked there. The blockage inflamed the whole region.

So they have done endoscopy and cleaned it and inserted stent in it.

Just after that procedure there’s remarkable difference in his condition. The pain that was unbearable has reduced to a manageable degree.

For 3 days he was on sedatives and painkillers, in a way it’s a blessing in disguise coz he slept through mom’s death anniversary.

He might be discharged tomorrow and then once he stabilizes, they will remove gall bladder.

His psychiatrist was with him during procedure and keeps visiting him. So hard to find a doctor who actually cares.

I’m so glad they didn’t rush into removal surgery which was suggested by another hospital, all of this proves he is in safe hands relatively.

Thanks everyone for being there for me and my family.

I can’t thank you guys enough for all the prayers and support you guys send my way.

I cherish you guys.

Thank you again!

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