I don’t remember a dreamless day.

The dreams we have with our eyes, mind and soul, all of them, wide open and free.

Only thing shut, is our connection with reality.

I think the more suppressed your reality is, the most valorous your dreams are. A secret anarchy within a person.

I would always sit by a window, be it car, flight or classroom, so that it was just take a small movement of head to transport me to another world.

Some of us can’t let ourselves be attached to our surrounding for very long. A point comes we get suffocated and part of us just abandons the rest of us.

A snake slithering out of its skin.

A soul floating out of a body to swim away. Leaving behind that shell of clay with eyes following her to the inconceivable depths of ocean.

The darker the ocean, the bigger the dream.

And then one by one those dreams start to come true.

First few excite you the most. But once you hold those birds in your hand, the excitement starts to fizzle out.

Still feel good tho. When you look back at all the times they were just your wishes.

But here’s a little problem.

Everything comes with a cost.

Wishes do come true, we just don’t know the price we will be paying for them. And some can be pretty heavy…


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