Gym Chronicles #15

This year has been self-destructive when it comes to health.

Binging food or shows during social distancing era starting pushing the bulges and tires out. Well they were already out but last year I was better since I was walking a lot to get to work. 

When you take your giggly body to gym finally, your body goes like…are you kidding??

But have promised 40-year-old me that I will be a hottie in forty and for that I already should have been climbing mount Everest at least every week!

And honestly it was more for my mental health. I was about to go on a lashing spree, felt like it could save lives, of others..


First time gym in COVID era!

First I just went to check what’s happen there. It was empty as always and all the machines were following social distancing diligently.

Quick tips! Spray the machine you are using with sanitizer before and after using it because you don’t want to catch virus and you are a responsible person.

Do wear mask! If you can’t breath through it, remove it while workout but spray/wipe/clean the area you think you could be transferring something on. Because we all breathe harder during workout.

I know it might sound too much but trust me it take barely 2 minutes. Sprays are quickest.

Anyone can have it and be asymptomatic.

Well hardly spent 30 mins on treadmill and elliptical on snail-pace and that pretty much just killed me!

I mean… how lazy I have been this year? I feel like my whole system got rusted.

Took 2 days to muster up strength and motivation to go again.

Because next day your body goes like… I told you it’s a bad idea!!


Stay healthy and happy.

Its better if you can workout at your own home, but if you have to, take a lot of care of yourself and other.

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  1. I forced myself to go to the gym the other day. But gyms have closed for a month starting from today so now I have an excuse but to be honest I do much rather prefer working out from the comfort of my own home. There is so many home workouts on youtube and it’s free so a win-win situation I’d say.

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