Bottomless Pit of Online Shopping

At what point do you realize you are sickly addicted to something??

Happens to me when I start losing sleep over it.

And you wouldn’t believe what is it this time!

Well, it’s in the title..Online window shopping!

I’m sure there’s a better word for it which I’m not aware of.

Life was okay, I was achieving my little daily goals until I started looking into notifications screaming deals/promotions/sales.

First you look at things you need.

Then you look at things you wanted

Simultaneously you are browsing stuff that’s on limited time sale.

Then you start thinking..maybe I wanted this but I didn’t know I wanted. Like a secret wish of my mind.

Or maybe any friend or family wants it..

And you are looking at stuff that’s looking good but nobody wants.

It’s like you have fallen into a bottomless well and you are just going deeper and deeper in slow motion.

A point comes you are just browsing category after category, promotion after promotion.

Now I’m borderline miser, so I didn’t shop much.

But it messed with my head, life and TIME!!

I don’t even remember when this start it was amazon prime sale I guess, there was no looking back after that.

Oh, how did I forget comparing reviews and prices? Because that is a small square on the time wasted.

I couldn’t sleep for last 3 nights even on melatonin (which was working well before) as my stupid head couldn’t stop thinking, “if you sleep you will miss a promotion”.

It’s an addiction I’m tried to pep-talk myself out of it.

“No, you don’t need and want more stuff”

“You have everything”

“You have no space left to even keep a needle”

“You aren’t rich”

“Remember you hate shopping?”

“You have wasted bajillion hours on it

“You have at least half a million more important things to do!”

Pray I am out of it before I stop sleeping completely and turn into a broke hopeless zombie.

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11 thoughts on “Bottomless Pit of Online Shopping

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  1. I so understand what you shared today. One website deal leads to another thing and you wonder how you lived without that thing all this time. And after all that comparison and reading reviews, I forget about it. I have too much stuff already. But the time and energy spent on it is awful.
    It’s going to be harder when the Christmas promotions, which already has started. I agree with the reader Jane’s comments, “Don’t look in the first place.”
    You’re not the only one!!


    1. That’s true to an extent.
      The whole dynamics of markets have change, now you sort need to have an online presence to sell. It’s difinitely challenging for small business to assign a sperate budget to digital marketing, but that also allows them to reach consumers beyond geographical boundaries.


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