Remember these?


I put these basil and tomato seeds for germination on 15th November.

And I took these pictures today.


Also tried to do something with mint seeds and they are confused, i think..


I wanted to do this progress post differently but I am constantly occupied with my other/real life. My family needs me a lot these days.

It feels good when people come to you for suggestions or help. Honestly I feel great when I’m capable of helping someone (not that i want people to be in problems).

But it drains you at times, specially when you are emotionally involved.

These babies, my plants or seedling i dont know what they are at this point, they are a healthy distraction. the time i spend with them, sitting on my terrace, googling what to do next, it just helps me.

I feel stuck these days. Stuck and clueless.

To watch them grow, calms my nerves.

Well. this is update so far.

Hope you have a nice day.

I know this whole year is the most uncertain year of our life. But just hang in there. try to do what you can and it’s ok if you can’t do anything and you decide for your own sanity to take a break.

It’s ok if you don’t feel like pushing yourself. We are all humans and nobody saw a pandemic coming.

Be kind to yourselves πŸ–€


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23 thoughts on “Progress

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  1. This gives me so much joy and hope. I have had a long and weird year too, and I feel so heavy some days. This post reminds me that I AM growing, that I have more to do, and that it is ok. We all do our own thing in our own time.

    I hope you stay safe. Do self care. Treat yourself so freakin well. You deserve it. ❀️


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