Mysterious Tea

You must have seen mysterious monoliths appearing at random places.


Just like that, there was a cup of light brown water sitting on my kitchen slab. I looked like over-brewed green tea.


My last few brain cells refused to recognize it.

It must be me who kept it there but what was it? It has been baffling me for last few days just like those monoliths have been baffling rest of the world.

Not me.

I’m still stuck on pyramids of Giza.

It smelled earthy. I was reluctant to throw this mysterious liquid because I am saving a lot of stuff that I used to throw previously, for my mini farm. Compost and all..

We will get to farm soon I made a video where I got distracted and forgot to end it lol. Wait for a farm video!

So I was thinking maybe I saved something for my plants.

well, today I was making hot and sour soup and soaked black fungus mushrooms to add to the soup.

And guess what.

The water smelled the same.

Or very very close.

I trust my nose, I can tell a bitter almond.

I only can’t smell food burning otherwise I have super nose!

I read mushroom water is good for plants too so tomorrow my plants are going to have mushroom tea.

Maybe people should try smelling the monolith.

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