Believe Their Despair

When someone says “I had no choice, I was helpless” I get it. 

Because I know we all walk a journey to get to a certain point and some of the obstacles along the way are just not in our hands and there’s no way to deal with them.

You can’t always fix people and situation.

I was talking to a friend of mine and she said, “people are not always helpless and they do have choices, they are afraid or reluctant to make them.”

And I ended up opening a can of worm that contained pythons.

I started digging up some traumatizing event that went way back to my childhood and involved people I can give my life for.. and I have in a way.

Even as a kid I tried to solve those problem, I tried to get help. I still have letters I wrote to my parents when I was in 7th or 8th grade. I tried a lot to explain but all in vain, in fact I got labeled sensitive, attention-seeker, envious, selfish.

Just because I wanted help with constant unfair and bullying against me, that lead to a point where I just gave up.

When I was grown up, educated, having a reputable job.. I gave up!

Because the hell wasn’t over and I wanted it to end. I couldn’t take it anymore.

It took me hours of spilling out my own horrible experiences that I don’t share, to tell her sometimes (in fact most women in our culture) are dragged to a point where they are left with no choice.

Once she understood she was crying and apologizing because she hadn’t seen anything like it. She didn’t know this was even possible. Then we both were looking for painkillers.

I can’t complaint when people who didn’t know, don’t understand when people who saw it happening, didn’t acknowledge it.

I moved on and forgave most of them. I had recovered and I thought I had healed. Thanks to the support system I got from my friends.

Have been crying after that now I am feverish and can’t see clearly and headache..that’s hellish! But I will be fine in like 2 days. I am fine, as I said I recovered from it long ago.

A lot happened to me after that and I grew up by leaps and bounds.

I don’t remember a day when I didn’t try to learn something, no matter how hard it is. I keep my mind busy.

Just wanted to say, listen to people when they tell you they were helpless and didn’t have choice.

You have no idea what they might have gone through. Nobody wants to jump in a ditch voluntarily.

These friends were people who helped me recover and heal to a point where at least I could start moving forward in life, when some people had devious intensions and tried their best to ruin my life.

Be kind to people and believe their stories.

If you don’t believe them,. Stay quiet. You are not expected to understand and feel what everyone on the planet has dealt with.

Don’t make them feel they were weaker, maybe you just have better life and circumstances then them.

I have reached quite a stable point where at least I don’t wish death for myself next moment, but some people are stuck there. And it’s not their fault.

Some people genuinely have difficult life, families, situations… don’t judge them.

There is so much unfair in the world you don’t want to be part of it.

If you don’t acknowledge it or believe them, don’t belittle their struggles at least, just move on. You have better things to do than being the reason behind someones tears.

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13 thoughts on “Believe Their Despair

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  1. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing. Everyone has different struggles that people can relate to or some they don’t relate to. When we’re hurting, getting those feelings minimized makes pain feel worse. I agree that if you can’t relate to someone else’s struggles, just stay quiet.
    Hope you are well and staying healthy!


    1. I am thinking about sharing what has happened to me as though I’m writing a story.. very few will see the truth in that I lived it.. but it will finally be out there in front of the world… I think the process of writing it out will help me work through it further and, hopefully, open doors to more memories I’ve blocked

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