No Time for Grudges

I just told my friend today . I think at this point I have no time for grudges..

Then I was like…wait…


How did i get here?

I know the answer. I have pretty regular inflow of new problems.

There’s a reason word rollercoaster made its way to name of this blog.

It’s like a pebble rain.

Some days you can get away with jodging some stones.

Some days you grab a bucket and collect them to use somewhere.

Rest of the days you just get hit by them.

If you stay under a roof, you are safe.

But then you don’t get anywhere.

It’s little hurdles you overcome everyday and they keep you so occupied your bad memories take a back seat.

They stay there in the background but you dont have time to look at them.

That’s just story of my life, right now.

There’s no time and energy left to garbour grudges anymore

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