2020 Health Recap

When it comes to health, 2020 proved out to be the year where I dismantled the whole thing and completely brought it together.


Jan to feb superwoman mode. I had to walk an hour everyday to get to work. Even though I was really feeding myself with whatever whenever was convenient, I was feeling okay health wise.

February to June..

I went to Pakistan in feb to attend few family events. And then lockdown happened and flights stopped. 

Once I realized I’m stuck there for a longer time than planned, I let myself go completely. I remember myself morphing into horrendously unhygienic sloth, mummified on half a bed.

Since Dad’s place had turned into a secret pyramid where nobody was coming in or going out, I think I forgot washing face was even a thing. I’m surprised I didn’t have to shave my head because the tangled matted mess my hair had become, was easier chopped off than rescued.

If I were a child, Dad would be in jail.

I was binging hard on candies and chips like I was going to enter the most unhealthy person alive contest or I wasn’t planning to come out of pandemic alive.

June to August

I came back to Dubai in June and a disaster-stricken home welcomed me and there was a lot of damage control required. Deets laters..

August to September

Another short trip to Pakistan, Another eat-till-you-drop-dead frenzy!

September – Onwards

Sept onward it was new era, new me!

Once I was back, I could tell my system was soaking in the unhealthiest food available to me.

I was lethargic, my heartbeat and breathing would quicken after walking 5 steps. I just felt weak.

I started going to gym again, but since I could only work on treadmill and elliptical, it wasn’t really helping me much.

Looked into few diet plans and realized this is not for me. I will be clawing and biting into walls if I tried to deprive myself of anything I love (mostly carbs). I am a chocoholic! 

I even tried to count calories, but I was eating lesser than required and still gaining weight. And it didn’t feel like a healthy strategy.

Then I sat down, reassess the whole situation and came up with something sensible.

My goal was never to lose weight or be skinny. If someone is having problem with my curves, NOT MY PROBLEM!

My problem was not like anyone eating too much and gaining weight. It wasn’t even genetics.

Back in 2014, I was on my ideal weight range and I suddenly gained 20 kgs when was constantly on 80 to 100 mg prednisone everyday! For around 2 years, next half year it was tapered down.

I had developed symptom of Cushing Syndrome or hypercortisolism and it was unavoidable. It was never officially diagnosed as such and my doctors said that all of the symptoms will go away, and they did. But 3 after the treatment, some aftereffects still need to be managed like excess weight, weak muscles, and sagging skin.


My problem areas are specifically shoulders and belly area.

I decided there was no point of going for a diet plan I can’t continue.

I needed to form healthy habits, that benefit my health and don’t make me feel like I’m torturing myself.

Rushing was useless, I had to start slow and be consistent with my workouts.

I needed full body workout that targets whole body.

I switched to healthy diet alternatives, they don’t always have to be super low calorie. They have to cover required nutritions.

I started working out from 6 minutes warm up exercise that targets every area of my body. And then a 5 to 10 minutes beginner abs routine.

Funny story, I tried workouts involving dancing too. My upper body does great with arms swinging everywhere, but lower body is just confused…like what’s going on upstairs and what am I supposed to do??

I eat anything with high calories in breakfast so that I crave for carbs less in the evening. And have more energy throughout the day.

So far, I feel tons better. I have noticeable difference in my shoulder muscles the buffalo hump is reduced in half from when I started. And I just feel great health wise.

My goal is to have a healthy life no matter how long or short it is and to enjoy the journey towards it.

It’s for me.

If I’m not happy doing this, I know I will quit.


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18 thoughts on “2020 Health Recap

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  1. It’s taken me six years to lose forty kilos. I only did it because my excess weight gave me heart problems. I was morbidly obese. I cut my portion sizes and found out that one portion of carbs is equal to a third of it in sugar.. So a 30g portion of carbs is 10g of sugar…. I cut out potatoes and rice as much as I could. Even porridge portions reduced. I am very saggy! But happier!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 40 kgs in 6 years is AWESOME!!
      I don’t eat rice and potatoes that much but i love desserts..and im chocoholic. i need cocoa in my system. I’m trying to stick to darker versions and good quality.
      my major fat is on belly and that causes all sort of problems. so that area do need attension.
      I’m so happy to know about your success, it’s incredible.
      Saggy is fine. You are happy, and that’s all what matters 🙂 xx


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