Random venting

This is just random venting. To save time you can skip to the end and read the text in bold, that part is important. And sorry for typos in advance its 1.38. am here.

Having one of those days when you feel bad for no reason.

Theres a slight chance i’m a little panicky because i had to deal with a fish’s head, staring at me in horror. Details never, i just can’t..

But that can’t be it.

I just sense something bad happening. I hate this feeling. I hate my instinct sometimes or most times as it always indicate bad stuff. I never felt like tomorrow I’m going to have an awesome day.


I talked to dad, he is ok.
Nothing alarming is being discussed in family WhatsApp group.

I just feel like checking on every friend. But I don’t want to sounds like a total nutcase. The ones i talk to everyday are okay.

I just hate this feeling.

Maybe im just sleepless.

Is it because of that fish’s head?? It was big and had huge eyes.. i put it in freezer to deal with it when I’m brave enough… or to throw later..

Today i didn’t workout because workout in winters hurt! Especially when you are new to all of this.

My shoulders are still vibrating in sort of silent way and every-time I bend to sit down my thighs cry in pain.

But i tell myself.. no pain no gain girl!

If u dont do this now, you will be 80 by 40.

Well. Even tho i rested mostly today, i just dont feel relaxed.

Sam has a theory. She says i have this habit of overoccupying myself, so when i try to take a break my mind goes in inertia and system gets confused. Now i think i have talked about this here before.

Makes sense sort of.

But does that mean i can never rest properly?? idk

Maybe it’s just general negative feeling.

I hate running in a circle like this.

Oh i spilled milk on myself today. Cold milk in winters, on my sleeve my hair.

I want workout gloves because my palms get sweaty and my palms hurt too and all.. i spent a day searching for what i wanted (i want it with good padding and grip) but every single one had some bad reviews with pictures. So that search kinda failed and i need this!

And a spice i want has a helfy delivery charge so didnt buy that too..


I actually had a pretty shitty day. Not major shitty things happening, just small shitty failures.

No wonder im feeling bad.

Came here to just let it out. Took my sleep vitamin that i got with a beauty sleep set lol Im hoping to wake up looking like a super model.

Random stupid stuff aside.

If you want anything to be reblogged here, just ask.

I say it again and again. Never ever hesitate. if you want to promote your work/blog/book or share an experience or anything at all.

If you want me to reblog anything at all, feel free to do so. Whatever little readership i have here is because of all of you. Never hesitate.

Take care.

9 thoughts on “Random venting

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    1. Yea you are right. this way i will never be able to buy them and i need them. thanks for suggesting.
      I’m a Muslim so we don’t really celebrate Chrismas. And I’m kinda tired of larger than life Dubai fireworks now, so didn’t go anywhere on new years night too.
      Nothing good, nothing bad. it was just another day.


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