This too shall pass

Last week of dec 2020, something really traumatizing happened to me and I was in a horrible state for days. Thanks a lot everyone who said kind words at that time when I literally felt half dead.

When a few days passed and trauma settled a little, after validated all my pain and struggles Sam said, “don’t lose hope”

And I said, “I won’t. And I can’t”.

Did you guys notice we all stay alive until we are meant to? During the journey between birth and death, there are so many times when we feel, I am done, i can’t survive this, but we do!

Just as bad shit can happen to us any time in life.

Something beautiful can happen to us at any stage of life too.

Something that makes you feel like, this was the day I was alive for.

A day worth living.

I don’t know when that will happen. But I have to believe it’s possible and it will happen.

Life’s all about the balance.

No matter how hard things are today. Maybe few years down the road I will look at this time and think, this was a difficult phase that eventually passed.

Dont give up on your bright future because of your dark present.

This too shall pass…

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