Sandwich Your Triggers

We all come up with our own recipe to deal will our triggers and anxiety that follows.

And triggers are rarely avoidable.

I came up with something that worked with me, so I thought I should share with you guys too.

Yesterday there was a situation I had to face that couldn’t be skipped at any cost and it was going to trigger an earthquake in my sanity. The anxiety that would follow, would last several days, at least.

One of my successful coping mechanism is overburdening myself with insane amount of work. I try to occupy all my senses to the max so that I don’t get time to think.

I thought if I sandwich this triggering situation in between my heaps and heaps of work such a way that it becomes smaller in significance, it won’t impact me much.

Some of the tasks should be in the middle, like I will do half of it before and half of it after the situation.

Like had to cook a batch of breakfast muffins, so I planned to do the chopping of fillings before and bake them after.

So, I put one meal on the stove while I listened to a few lectures and saw some true crime documentaries, chopped fillings, when on to face that triggering situation, came back continued to watch more true crime docs and started baking muffins. And finished cooking the food on stove.

Oh, I ordered a really nice dessert which I ate some before and some after.

So the whole event was buried well under the layers of other chores.

All of it was nothing short of a sorcery.

I have been in this situation before and it sucked life out of me.

This time I told it “you are insignificant and I won’t let you disturb my sanity”

My grandpa used to say you can actually scare your fears, they are nothing.

I know it’s easier said that done.

There’s no fixed rule to cope with anxiety, but do try this some time.

Take care guys 🙂

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