What’s going on? Follow unfollow?

I just noticed I get 4 to 5 follows per day on average. But the total hasn’t budged in months!

Is it that social media shit people do? Like they follow you and when you follow them they unfollow you?

I’m curious and confused.

Please let me know if you guys have noticed it too.

Meanwhile I figure out how to counter this stupidity because then I’m the one wasting my time going through their blogs, from my reader.

I hate when typical and borderline unethical social media tactics make their way here.

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  1. Nah, it happens to me too. I don’t have as many follows per day, nor as many followers overall as you. But my numbers go up by, say, one or two, then the numbers drop the next day by the same amount. I’ve been sitting at 225 followers for aaages.

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      1. I’ve also noticed an increase in followers who don’t read and comment on my posts even though do so for them. It happens a lot I know, and they use the excuse that they’re too busy or the time difference complicates matters. We’re all busy, none of us can read everyone’s stuff but geez it’s a bit selfish I reckon. At least have a look every now and then!

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    1. That’s better way to do it. I kinda feel oblidged idk why. 99% of the times i have followed back. Only when i completely dont understand the other blog, then i don’t follow. Otherwise i do.
      But you are right, saves times and energy and allows you to focus on real people


      1. These days i catch most of your work on instagram and it’s awesome every time!
        I have had a great support system here too and i really needed that. But recently things don’t feel like the same.
        Then people in general are going through a lot, so maybe things will get better later on.
        I added adverts for a few days and quickly realized it’s not worth it.


    1. Sometimes wordpress itself unfollows people from your list. That has happened to me so many times. Actually it shows different on different divices too. I could be following someone on my phone and for God know what reason not on my laptop. Its just messed up. then i have to follow them back.

      But this thing. people follow you the number goes up and drops to the same old number next day, it’s suspecious!

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  2. All I glean from a ‘healthy’ number of ‘followers’ on a site is that it’s an indication of the longevity of the site. A low number just says to me that it’s a new site, and I don’t hold that against it — I tend to judge by quality of content, not follower count.

    At the end of the day, ‘followers’ does not equate to ‘audience’. After a dozen years blogging here, ‘Wibble’ now has 1100 followers; but the number of daily visitors is far, far fewer.

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    1. I actually follow-back new bloggers because everyone needs encouragement when they are new here. And quality of content is definitely important but in the end i just end up following all of them unless it’s a magazine or something (which happens too)

      Agreed. out of 3550 only 50 to 100 are regular readers i guess. Which i really treasure. I would be happy if there were 2. But when i see people following just to increase thier own followers and then unfollowing, it’s kinda cheap thing to do.


  3. I’d follow you anywhere, you know that, right? πŸ˜€

    And yes, the same thing here, but I got used to it. I have my favorite bloggers that I read, not as much as I would like to, and you know why I am always out of time, but I am sticking to my close community of Commanders that I built and that is quite enough for me. Perhaps you should do something similar. Just sayin’, don’t punch me or anything.

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      1. I know honey. It’s so unfair, but life be like that. Just, don’t get discouraged by that, and do your thing. Concentrate on you and what brings you happiness.


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