can’t decide title

Are winter hard in general or its just me who feels like a frozen chicken at all times.

Walking into living room in morning is like walking into fresher section of a grocery store, when chill suddenly hit you and you forget what you wanted from there in the first place and you try to walk fast on your shaky legs.

And workouts…

I have to thaw myself a little on my balcony before in sun before even daring to start warmup. Its like pre-warmup routine.

And then suddenly I remember I’m not wearing sunblock and a horrific image of myself looking like human raisin flashed before my eyes.

What my life is becoming?

I never knew self-care could be that hard, it shouldn’t be!

It’s kinda killing the purpose.

And after days of putting yourself through torture you suddenly someone blessed with skinny genes and you are like… these people don’t deserve heaven

They got it all here!!

Btw do you feel like that every time your life gets harder and people around you (or on internet) and having awesome lives??

Do you think, after all of this I should end up straight in heaven.


Maybe I will. Who knows..

I’m doing fine.

I wrote quite a few posts but don’t know why didn’t feel like posting them. I felt they are unfinished.

Will post this one straight or this will rest in notes with rest of its folks.

Self-caring can be overwhelming.

It’s not a duty.

Don’t let it turn into a chore.

The purpose is to feel good, if it’s not working it’s not self-care, its self-torture.

Do what works for you.

Take care 🙂

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  1. As Charlie Mackesy says being kind to ourselves is one of the greatest kindnesses, we have to remember to do it! I’ll think of you tomorrow as I do my at home work out – watching the instructor in her vest as I’m wrapped up in a jumper and sometimes a scarf too!!

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