I would be surprised if i wake up tomorow i qm literally dying with exhaustion.

Workouts in winters are hard if you are new to it.

You don’t know what a crazy ass hoarder you are untill you start decluttering.

I didn’t even need to do this one!

I had guests and they started roaming all across my apt when i wasnt preparing for it. INCLUDING KITCHEN.

trust me my head was spinning when i realized people actually notice every nail, every hinge, every box or corner of your home.

I can be regilar visitor of a place and still wouldn’t notice colour of the walls there.


I had a big bag full of bubble wrap. These i saved because it had really big bubbles. Finally threw them.

There was a moutain of empty boxes literally touching the ceiling. Got rid of those too.

Tons of grocery bags. And when i need one i cant find it. Saved few of these.

Cleaned, washed, got rid of stuff non stop like i was possesed or something.

I stopped couting my trips to garbage room after 6. I must have got at least 9 times.. could dispose off multiple bodies in that many trips.

I have to do all of this so that i can focus on other important things in life.

I miss writing here regularly. I have too many incomplete posts saved up and i have covered subjects i really wanted to talk about but I’m not getting time to do justice with them.

I havent studied in a month or so i have to resume my lectures and where i paused the difficult topics were starting i need to focus.

I have to start applying for job again.

Have to photograph my artwork for selling… this one is not easy! I tried and failed once.


Then my 2nd poetry collection.. idk whats happening with that.

In 2021 i planned to review works of fellow bloggers. Some i did but there are a lot more to cover.

Did i turn my life this insane or this is how it is for everyone?

Did i get into a lot of things? A lot more than necessary? Maybe..

But i still feel i do nothing.

I dont know..

God i miss zazu so horribly.

My mind is in fast forward. I clearly am in overdrive to a point where im just jittery all the time and feel like im doing so much but not getting anywhere.

I was going to have a meltdown when i saw price drop on handcream i just order yesterday.


This is life.

Dad’s going in surgery soon and that’s also giving me little heart qttacks every now and then.

Its minor surgery but during covid that whole thing is 100 time scarier.

And now fire alarm is blaring at 2 56 am!!

Like wth.

Well i think its in next building. Its not ours. Hopefully.


Thanks for being patient with me. I will be back with my regular writing soon. I missed this place a lot!

Thanks for reading.

Take care.

19 thoughts on “Rant.

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  1. I don’t know if you remember, but now’s the time to find a punching bag as I told you. šŸ˜€ Hey, it’s pretty much the same everywhere. My life is on the rollercoaster, and I am not happy, but I survived the big Rona, so moving forward I guess.

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      1. I was quarantined for two weeks at the New Year’s day. Luckily, my parents went through it without symptoms, just like me. We are fine, alive and kicking. I hope you are alright too. šŸ˜€

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  2. Hey. I haven’t been visiting other blogs lately because I’ve been so busy and I been trying to post to mine more after a long pause. I think it’s a difficult time for everyone for sure. It’s like we’re all having to readjust to life and living. Hope things smooth out for you again soon and I was glad to find your post. Good luck on your second book if you decide to pursue it. I bought your first one and enjoyed it very much and left a favorable review. If you publish another one, I would buy it too. Take care.

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    1. Im sorry for replying late i really wanted to sit down and reply to this one.

      I rememeber you buying reading and reviewing my book, there’s nothing more q writer could ask for. I am again grateful from the bottom of my heart.

      Yes life has been plain confusing and even i struggled with keeping up with blogging. We all are in transition and i hope the whole thing gets easier for us.

      My second book is on hold for now as I have a million things on my plate that needs attension.

      But it’s so validating to know there are people who would buy it when it’s published.

      Thank you so much for such an encouraging message.

      You take care too. šŸ™‚


  3. I feel this. My OCD is screaming these days: life is all about the puttering and perfecting. I’m even attacking my book collection: my brain knows some should go but the heart…

    Warm thoughts for your father. Parents are very stressful, especially as they age.

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    1. oh God. i spent last to days organizing my books. i thought i will love it and i kinda did too untill i started losing my mind like.. where should this go??

      books are hard to part with.

      dad is doing fine so far, they are running tests and all. all’s going well.
      Thank you šŸ™‚


    2. oh God. i spent last to days organizing my books. i thought i will love it and i kinda did too untill i started losing my mind like.. where should this go??

      books are hard to part with.

      dad is doing fine so far, they are running tests and all. all’s going well.
      Thank you šŸ™‚

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