Plant Mom is Happy ðŸ˜Š

The story goes like this..

Exactly 2 months and 10 days back I took some over-riped ( over-riped for months!) Cherry tomatoes that I got in groceries and took their seeds out and germinated them.

I wasn’t expecting almost all of them to germinate successfully.

But they did!

Moved a lot of them to soil.

I’m trying not to go in too much details, dont want this to be a coma inducing post.


And then, they grew into a little forest of tomatoes which was a bit out of control situation.


See, soil has limited nutrition and since they were planted close together they were fighting for food that was hampering their growth.

I read up a little and decided to let some of them grow fully, I will have to cut most of them

It’s called thinning of seedlings when they are young, but these are like teenagers now.

So today I sat down with scissors and started cutting them as deep in soil and pulled a lot of them out.

I’m left with just 5 plants in the box.

When I was doing that cutting down, I saw this…


And I don’t know what to call that feeling.

Felt like a little victory. Joy. An odd sense of completion.

My tomato plant has tiny buds.

The seeds were literally from random cherry tomatoes that just got spared somehow.

It’s so satisfying, when you tend to something and they grow.

Even though I killed so many of them today. But this flowering plant was alone in a disposable cup so I don’t regret my decision now. 

I have shared so much pain here, I sort of feel obliged to share when I have these little moments of joy 🙂


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17 thoughts on “Plant Mom is Happy ðŸ˜Š

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  1. Believe me, Tomatoes Grow! I remember moving into a condo and spending hours tearing them out of the yard because I can’t stand them. Good for you, though..if it’s something you like.


  2. I had given up on growing tomatoes from seed until I found this. I will have to try them again this summer. This is awesome; thank you for posting this and your plant babies look beautiful.


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