I think I’m losing it..

How many of you have googled ” how garbage rooms work?” Raise your hands.

No one?

Ok let me raise mine, because this is where I am mentally at this moment!

In case you were wondering.


It’s been more than a week i have been non stop decluttering, cleaning and moving things around the home. NON-STOP!

This is madness.

This is too obsessive.

I googled this phrase because i was afraid i could break the garbage system.

I don’t even know where all of this stuff is coming from.

It’s like my stuff is reproducing.

As expected i’m dying with exhaustion.

In the evening i realized i have only had an egg and coffee since morning and i was feeling dizzy.


Most of it is done. I’m trying not to shove back stuff and actually deal with it once for all.

I lay down when my body can’t take it anymore. It’s getting unhealthy and batshit now.

Now i just have few clothes to sort. And some stuff in the kitchen. Most of it is done.

I might just end up throwing away anything i can’t decide on.

And then! 2 minutes after that it will be the most important thing on earth.


Just wanted to let out.


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17 thoughts on “I think I’m losing it..

Add yours

    1. sadly I can relate to him. i feel everything is important. i can get ettacheed to an ampty jar or cardboard box that is of no use to me.
      That’s why this whole process is so exhasuting for me i have to analyze every little object a hunder times.

      Maybe show him some declutter videos, don’t expect instant results tho.


  1. definition 1) I assumed that a garbage room was the junk room in the house. Yenno how people have junk drawers? Well, some people have junk rooms. Usually the spare room or attic becomes that room.
    definition 2) The garbage room is the boiler room/that room in Toy Story where the toys almost got crushed/burned to death. Do rooms like that exist for actual garbage?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1) We mostly have store/stoage rooms for that purpose. but my this home doesn’t have one.

      2) that would be some sort of garbage treatmeent room where they are further sorted, treated, disposed.

      This thing is in partment buildings, a garbage room per floor just like in picture.


      1. Hi,

        Thank you, finally better, nearly as fine as before, but yes, it was long ago. We have had our own battles the past year, on several fronts.

        Now I’m back and reading, communicating again. Progress.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are as kind as always. I didn’t write about past year’s issues, only fun things, but there was health, finances, social…a huge mix of shit! Well, that is now the past, and I concentrate on the gift of the present days.

        Liked by 1 person

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