Unnecessary ramble

So, my relative who was visiting me is gone… with my already-very-little energy.

And all I want is popeye’s spinach can that could shoot my energy from 0 to 100 in 1 gulp, since I have beaten the record of permanently exhausted pigeons and lazy walruses.

Is it normal to lose appetite when you are too tired? I can’t even have water properly. Just can’t gulp down anything. Trying to having little nibbles of snacks to stay..alive..

Or is it the vaccine. A few people here are falling sick after 10 days of getting jab. Which can be just normal flu etc. but in uncertain times like these, it’s hard to tell what’s hitting you.

2020 was over 2 months back!

Feb is about to end and it’s hard for everyone to believe. I can’t process where did this month go.

I talked to dad today and we both were surprised for good 2 minutes by how fast 2021 is already flying.

My mind is bouncing between overwhelmed, scattered, clueless and low-key defeated.

There’s so much going on in family nobody is able to keep up.

And I have a bit challenging times ahead. Sam will visit me tomorrow so that should help me mentally.

I keep telling myself “it’s nothin in front of what you have dealt with already. You got this”

My grandpa used to tell me if you are afraid of something just picture it, and then picture yourself bigger and stronger than that.

I’m trying to constantly remind myself his words.

I have dealt with fungus gnats problem in my little FarmVille and there are very few left. It took real labour I swear!

There are more tiny tomatoes and the rest are doing fine.

My guest went back happy and we had great time.

My Sis who is getting married…well, bridezilla has calmed down lol.

This new crisis, I will deal with it with what my grandpa used to suggest.

One of my sibling is moving to UK and I’m extremely happy for her. She was going through real hard times. Glad something good is happening for her.

I tried to keep up with my lectures. It’s hard but I’m trying.

Got first jab on 14th feb and didn’t have any side-effects

And I read Fahrenheit 451. Will write a review soon.

Life is..life.

Nothing imp. Just tired and felt like rambling, actually was getting bored a little.

I’ll just go have coffee.


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4 thoughts on “Unnecessary ramble

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  1. That’s a lovely picture. I enjoyed your rambling: it’s nice things are settling down and in some cases, working out. I look forward to your “Fahrenheit” review. I liked it but it’s been years. I do regret not being able to watch the recent movie. Streaming services. Pfft.


    1. So glad you enjoyed this post. Thank you.

      I’m bouncing between settling down and going crazy lol.
      I just wrote a very rought draft of the review. Actually fahrenhiet inspired me to write 2 3 posts.
      I’m planning to watch movie after i am done with the review. Most of the times movies ruin the book for me.

      Thanks again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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