Story time: 2nd Jab done!

I got 2nd jab of covid vaccine today (sinopharm one) and haven’t dared to crawl out of bed since I got home.

Please take this post as a pinch of salt this is a bit complicated and most of it could have nothing to do with the virus or vaccine.

My first jab went great. By great, I mean it was painless.

Now me and needles are another story for another day.

But this time! I don’t know what i did to this nurse in our past life, the pain flowed all the way to my fingers, I’m not even exagerating. And my arm still hurts. Its been 12 hours!

But then maybe it’s not her fault maybe its my arm, or pressure of vaccinating so many people.

Well. This time i wasn’t that blessed.

Then almost 1/3rd of the people who got first jab with me were not there because they were already positive with pretty heavy symtoms…along with families.

So the whole things was scary and at one point i was looking for a window to sneak out of.

Now there are 2 problems going on.

1. I just got vaccinated and probably my body is building immunity

2. I have contacted viruses because alot of people in my cicle have. And at one point it seems impossible to avoid. Everything is open here.

Then there are internal factors

3. I have been insanely busy whole feb. I could just be tired.

4. Then there is changing wheather, Dubai heat is on baby!! But with complimentary chilly winds. And don’t forget workout fatigue.

Honestly it can be anything.

So, for now I’m thinking to stop and chill for a while (i just came up with it while talking to my friend today)

So, it’s gonna be me, movies, food.

And I’m going to relax and get fat…more fat..

That’s the plan.

Unicorn has already told me how it unfolds and what to watch and what to do.

Healthcare here is dealing with positive cases really well. So maybe i wont die if i get it. Maybe.

And i have followup appointment with my rheumatologist tomorow. Will get to discuss this with her, afterall she was the one you really encouraged me to get it. So she looks like the best candidate to put the blame on.

And oh dad finaly got operated. His one part less now. He got his gal bladder removed and we have been waiting for this surgery for months! Maybe a year or so!

So I’m glad its over. And he sounded ok wasn’t cussing much.

Oh! Maybe that’s the sign he is NOT that ok. Its very unusual for him. Got to talk to brother!!

Im restricting movement for a few days partying my way out of these 2 weeks where I’m expected to fall sick.

There’s going to be alot of reading, writing, watching movies, and eating.

Just pray nothing goes crazy. No matter how much anyone prepares me, my body always manages to come up with a twist.

That’s all for now.

Take care of yourselves.

12 thoughts on “Story time: 2nd Jab done!

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    1. I heard that too because our body is trying to build immunity. So a few days are going to be harder. Not having any serious side effects tho.
      Oh yes! He is done with the surgery and he sounds almost chirpy on phone. We all are so happy it’s done.


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