Pulling an all-nighter

Pulling an all-nighter because desperate times call for desperate measures.

It seems like I am stuck on selection process of poems for at least a decade.

No matter how many of them I delete I always end up with a lot more than the final count. I’m trying to pick best of the best pieces because somebody will be investing money, time and energy to read the book.

It’s a huge responsibility.

And night is where all the magic happens.

All of us would study at night and my mom used to say she could tell which one went to kitchen looking for food, by our footsteps.

Golden days when we thought studying was hard…LOL!!!

Even if your whole family is up at night, chances are nobody is going to bother you, it’s like unsaid do-not-disturb time.

My mind seems to be in that flow still.

So, I’m done with my daily chores. And prepared this small bowl of random food (bean spouts, micro-greens and pineapples) for the time my mental energy runs out and I reach for a 100 grams bar of chocolate or family size bag of chips.


Because I have to getting my health together, doctor gave me 3 months to bring down my lock-down cholesterol.

So, no melatonin tonight, food is prepped and balcony door is open because it’s nice outside… and AC isn’t working.

Time to go after manuscript with a chainsaw!

Because that’s what I should be doing right now.

Just pray I don’t fall asleep on the couch, everything feels to comfortable…


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