Don’t you hate it when something great happens, and then it gets buried under the rubble of a hundred nerve-wrecking incidents.

Nerve-wrecking would be an exaggeration. Mildly nerve-wrecking.

It’s rock after rock until it’s a mini mountain that sits over all of your happiness.

Art exhibition was an amazing experience. I’m working on a piece about it, it’s going to take some time.

But then came the bad stuff.

One sad call after another.

One message in distress after anther.

Until the happiness just faded and then it’s just another gloomy day.

I was on the edge when I got my sister’s call. Since bad news was related to my family, I felt a little better after talking to her.

We both agreed, negativity gets to us so easily and stays for a lot longer than happiness.

Given our history, we will probably always be struggling mentally on some level.

Some days we win, some days we don’t.

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