Special Ramadan Blessing

Ramadan Kareem Everyone!

So, the fasting month is here again and you get that feeling of inner peace the moment it starts.

It’s something I can’t put to words.

The whole year can be a total disaster. And you could be going through serious turmoil in your life but whenever Ramadan start its like I’m a child again.

Maybe because this month we spend most time with family.

Last year I was with dad and all of my siblings. Thanks to flights suddenly being stopped, we all got stuck in Pakistan at dad’s place.

It’s the best kind of stuck I have ever been.

It was sweet, peaceful and sometimes just hilarious.

I remember one time my siblings got really late for last meal before fast (sehri) and they had their plates all set when Azan started and they all put down their plates on table like won’t even try… Such miscalculation happened multiple times.

I miss them all terribly. This year we are more scattered. One more of us flew to another country. Sometimes it does get hard to catch up on with everyone else but we try.

After mom it took us 3 years, a pandemic and 4 months of getting stuck under one roof to form a bond that was never there.

There’s maturity and understanding and above all there’s support and validation.

This month always brings immeasurable blessings and a reminder to be a better person.

Last year it brought something very special.

It brought us together.


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