Sort. Eliminate. Prioritize.

It takes a long time to get your life and rest of the shit align in a sensible schedule, especially who lives by plans and lists (like me).

I have a plan for everything. And a backup of that and then a back-up for that back-up plan. MY anxiety makes me do this. It doesn’t want me to run with a chain saw in streets.

It took effort, time, patience to come up with a routine where I felt the pivot of life was at a good position.

And then my schedule flipped. And all my plans and backups and everything was a cluttered mess.

But soon I realized my mind was playing a devious game on me.

It was multiplying the impact.

I was feeling more tired than I actually was. Life felt more messed when it actually was just because I mapped something in my mind and now thing are not following the direction I drew.

Nothing was actually going wrong.

One day when my body just felt like it can’t move, I tried to question why?

Why do I feel I can’t move?

And I didn’t have a clear answer.

I wasn’t physically well.

There were multiple big small issues, just the way normally life has, but my mind for no goddamn reason decided to turn them into a monster that would haunt me all the time.

So, I started sorting.

It starts with writing things down. And you realize a lot of things are not even worth worrying and can be solved with few phone calls/emails/messages. Literally they take few minutes.

Next, I eliminated teeny tiny issues that don’t even concern me.

Then you are left with the important stuff.

You can’t even deal with all of that at once, therefore, you prioritize.

And deal with them one my one.

Or start dealing with the most important 2 3 issues at a time and that’s all.

All of this doesn’t happen in a day. It’s a process.

First of all, you have to tell your self “I can deal with my problems if I have an organized approach. They are not that big”

And start working on it.

Life is just uncertain, chaotic and overwhelming these days.

Most times you need to assure yourself that you got this. That’s where half of your problems get automatically solved.

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22 thoughts on “Sort. Eliminate. Prioritize.

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  1. I feel something similar most of the time. It is hard to change this self who loves to set deadlines for oneself but recently I become more digitally smart by making good use of e-notifications.
    Although it is terrible to feel like a total failure when the set schedule doesn’t fit anymore, in long term, this helps me to get things done and keep everything under control. Life is imperfect but we should not undermine our self-worth❤


    1. I don’t even know what’s important right now. been glued to screen for last few days for some work and now my eyes are boiling lol.
      sometimes i don’t recognise my own words, like when did i write this ahaha
      Glad you like it 😊 means a lot to me.

      Liked by 1 person

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