Do you guys even realize how amazing you all are?

Last few days, or whole month have been harder than usual for too many reasons. And I think my posts came off as I’m in some sort of distress.

Because you all jumped to shower me with your kind words and showed me you care about me. Like you always do.

But I’m physically absolutely fine.

Even mentally emotionally there’s no major crisis, Alhamdolillah.

It’s just that, a lot was happening at once and I had to make too many adjustment to keep my life and sanity stable.

Tomorrow will be last fast, actually it will start within few hours and then there will be Eid (a muslim  festival) and I have no clue what’s going to happen.

Flights have stopped here. And restrictions are in place, which at this point is the best thing and was necessary.

Pandemic suddenly has gotten intense in this region and just it get to you.

I saw comments from some of you and they were so heartwarming.

I’m fine. Just extremely tired. There was overload of all sorts of work.

Last night at 2 am, I was doing dishes and cooking while I was talking to my sis, who is getting married next month, and was on WhatsApp with my brother who is working with me on a small side hustle and we were also reading in between.

When all of it ended I was seeing spots and hearing buzz (in a funny way, not literally)

So that’s how my normal days have been lately.

Things are expected to mellow down but knowing myself, I might get into something else that would drive me insane.

Sometimes all of it sounds self-inflicted. I over occupy ourselves to cope. I have noticed same behaviors in my siblings and parents too so it sort of runs in genes.

Well I just came to say Thank you and you guys are beyond amazing. And you are sending me the help I need. I just need this feeling that I’m not alone and I’m understood and my feelings are validated.

That’s all I want and you just give me that in abundance.

Thanks for being with my at every step, every post, every word.

And my blog friends in India, stay strong, you all are in our prayers. ❤️

Take care everyone.

You are the best people on the planet.


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