Chand Raat Ramble 🌙

Switching to a new shampoo or cleanser etc etc, is always an upgrade, because you are moving on in life and figuring out what suits you better.

But guess what.

I have tried every hair product available to man and my crazy psychotic mane still looks like those things of 90s that we used to stick behind our pencils…

troll dolls!!!


Trust me they weren’t THIS scary back then.

Maybe because it’s not human mane.. it somehow jumped animal kingdom and landed on my head from some wild animal that we haven’t discovered yet.

Recently i started cowashing. I wont give the name of product because nobody is paying me and i dont even know the founders.
But it did help define my waves. ok, it’s from As I am.

Only problem. Since it was meant for very curly hair, the holding power is strong af!

I heard a lot of breakage when i tried to run my fingers through my hair and then gave up in the middle.

Like.. ef it. Im not meeting anyone anyway. This is the best time to experiment with new products. Since who is even looking?

It was second wash today, and i used serum after washing and hair look little bit like hair, not a witch’s broomstick.

Tomorrow is eid. And this time a lot of countries (including my 2 homes) are celebrating on same day, which is nice.

My brother sent me a pic of dad’s bedroom door. He said it was announced so suddenly that he panicked and started freaking out “my shave, my hair, my clothes, my shoes” and ran to his room and locked it.


I have a feeling he must have gone to sleep.

Few family member’s clothes are still with the tailor. JUST LIKE EVERY YEAR!

I don’t know what were they supposed to do with those new clothes, since there’s lockdown in place.

I got a nice eid dress last year which i plan to wear this year too, since nobody saw lol.

And when else will i get a chance to bling up like this!

So yea.

Why did i come here..i forgot.

Oh it started from hair.

So, right now i have loaded my hair with taming products so that kids (if any get to see me accidentally) don’t confuse eid with halloween tomorrow. And i plan to iron my hair too, after avoiding products involving heat for a full year!

Now, i have melatonin under the tongue

And i’m swimming in moisturizers

Humidifier is refilled and on!

And i plan to wake up looking plump and pretty, and hopefully something close to human.

Take care of yourself people. Because i care about you. ❤️

Ramble over!

P.s. chand raat is night before eid in Urdu.

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