The Next Morning

Ever been so exhausted that you can’t tell which muscle is hurting the most?

The morning after holidays, feels like waking up from coffin, because you probably thought you wouldn’t be able to make it.

tenor (2)

It’s surprising to be alive sometimes. 

Too much peopling can be fatal.

Morning coffee hits like a those life saving injections that wake you up with a jolt.



Real challenge is to successfully crawl to the kitchen without help of an ambulance.


In my case a crane. One day, I was thinking in case of emergency I better call a crane first because that’s what ambulance guys will be doing eventually.


Had a super hectic but fun eid.

No more than 5 people could gather in one home so there were separate get togethers everyday.

Honestly it didn’t make sense to me because in the end people were meeting each other… multiple times!

So 4 days straight everyone was trying to meet everyone in group rotations of 5 people. I swear I met 1 same friend  3 days! Since she was common a factor. Or it was one big group. Or maybe I was common factor?!?!

Whatever it was at one point, I was so fking tired of seeing same faces.

And her kid was a combination of shocked and scared on day-3, because maybe he thought I’m a ghost.

I donned the same dress, makeup, hair, accessories shoes etc..everything was exact same for 3 days.

First day was effort, the rest was simple Control-C Control-V.

Btw. Let me share my eid look/effort.


I was looking better than this..i dont look good in pictures.


This was the best pic that’s why it’s here.

I think I have tons to do and at the same time I need to sleep for a month at least.

I have 5 sticky notes on my wardrobe and don’t know how many on my fridge but I can’t read partly because my vision is too blurry with exhaustion and idk where my glasses are and how I’m going to find them with this level of clarity.

Also because my handwriting just sucks. I start writing something and forget half way into it and then just scribble random alphabets, thinking my genius mind with decode it later.

There’s a mini Everest of dished waiting for me to come of bedroom, but I’m ghosting them for last 2 days.

When you know you can’t deal with it, ignore it. Because that’s how our generation solves most of our problems.

Or rant about it somewhere else, like I’m doing here.

And then you can go back to sleep, like I’m going to do just now.

Take care guys. ❤️

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7 thoughts on “The Next Morning

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  1. You look amazing! I love you ❤ Like who you are to me, you are always like sunshine. Your words are sending out positive energy to me again. Please take care and stay safe and maintain social distancing ok

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw love you too 🖤 most times im a whiny idiot, I’m glad you find anything positive about me lol.
      I tried my best to maintain social distancing, honestly i have just forgotten i used to shake hangs and hug people. this is new age where we don’t don’t greet people like that anymore. hope it ends soon. i miss hugs.

      You take care of yourself too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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