You Are Beautiful!

Recently I heard 2 incidents, that made me wonder how come in the history of my 1000+ posts I never talked about body positivity exclusively.

I Will talk about incident No.1 today.

There’s a really really pretty, tall, slim super-mode-type girl who is a friends friend. Let’s call her A (solely because A is first alphabet)

A starves herself and always worries that if she breathes too much she might gain weight and it has gotten to a point where she throws up when she eats an average adult meal. All of this could be a health issue but she is not accepting that yet.

Recently she was worried about her smile lines (which is natural at 37 I guess) and hair (I don’t even know what was wrong with hair). So, she went to an aesthetician.

This Dr Beauty, didn’t even examine her for her overall health, otherwise what happened next could be avoided.

A did not tell what procedures she was going for, but they were performed at doctor’s home.

Something went wrong, and A fainted. And it was a scary emergency situation it was later found that she was already very weak and had one cup yogurt one day before the visit, so probably she already had low blood pressure (which was never checked, to my surprise).

This sounds like a negligence on part of the aesthetician, but there’s more.

Doctor handed her a long list of problems in her face the moment she saw her.

I have seen this girl. She is beautiful. I don’t see any problem. She could easily be a super-model.

Fine lines are natural. If you smile, you get lines. Simple. These are beautiful signs of aging.

Lines are not a flaw!

Every time I open instagram, I see someone in lab coat telling you how everything on your face is wrong and how you need 5 products and 6 steps and million dollars procedures to fix them.

Our mothers used the most basic cleanser and one moisturizer (optional) had better skin than us.

They are embedding insecurities in your mind. Making you hate your body and feel bad about yourself, just because they have to sell something to you.

Take a moment and look around.

We all are beautiful and perfect in our own way.

We didn’t come out of a printer so we definitely will be different.

And what’s wrong with that?

Medicine is a Nobel field and every doctor deserves to be respected.

But telling somebody they have flaws, playing with people’s insecurities.

Half an hours looking at all those clips, you feel there’s nothing right with you.

When the truth is, there’s nothing NOTHING wrong with you.

If you want to go for a product or procedure it should be purely out of love fore yourself, not for insecurities or fear of any kind of judgement.

You all are beautiful inside out. Individual, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Do not let anyone take that away from you. Not even you yourself. ❤️

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  1. The internet and media are experts at saying one thing-“you are beautiful just the way you are”…THEN pointing out every perceived flaw based on another’s unrealistic standards. My mom was a teen in the Twiggy era so to this day,she is convinced not being Twiggy size makes her hideous. Personally,I do not think five five,150 pounds is obese but thanks to societal ‘norms’ from 55 years ago,my mom still holds it as an ideal.
    I think we should all shun that ‘ideal weight’ chart and go by how we feel and how healthy we are. I mean,seriously,by these ‘ideal’ body standards my 11 year old would border being overweight at 5 foot 5,127 pounds. We are all beautiful,ideal is a fallacy,and the internet and doctors need to understand that. If it is about good health and you have that…then it is all appearance based and that is wrong.

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    1. That is not at all obese and the incident #2 is about weight i have to cover a lot of points there.
      You are so right about social media confusing people with conflicting statements.
      You are absolutely right. And weight itself is not a conclusive measure of health. It goes hand in hand with other factors. I have been on steroids and have struggled alot, i still do. And i have seen life long struggles with weight of few people close to me. And i can’t stress enough, it’s about health. We all have different body types and tendencies.
      Health should be the only focus.
      Thanks for this comment. I will work on 2nd post faster now.


  2. What, we didn’t come out of a printer? Lol.

    Joking aside, I love every word of this. I am so sad for people who define themselves through perfection (that is a facade). Who gets to decide perfect?

    It’s scary to see so many worried about perfect hair in an Instagram post then their physical and mental well being. I once read a blog post about a girl who had traveled all over and later admitted how lonely she was. That was so sad to me.

    And for reference. My wonderful wrinkles are…knowledge lines. And I earned every one.

    Fabulous Post!!!

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    1. I’m glad you liked it.

      The problem is, “perfection” is what we are measured against since childhood. If i go into details you all will start crying here.

      A lot of it comes from what happened around you when you were growing up, we just succumb to the standards.

      That’s what the world has come to, just look perfect in pictures, most times its filters and nothing is real, therefore the emptiness.

      It is sad. One you think somebody has it all and they have something major missing.

      I remember you calling them that and i love it.

      My smile lines are increasing and getting deeper but i dont eveb care about them anymore. And i have too many grey hair already, dont give a fk about those too lol. I think people stop caring when you stop caring.

      Thank you 🙂

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      1. Yes, right on. I guess it does start at childhood. I often laugh at my young grandchildren doing goofy things and hope they are never afraid to continue to “be themselves”. If life gets in the way, I hope they know they can land here and be exactly who they are meant to be.

        But, ok, I do color my hair. Lol.

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      2. You said that way back, and you know what?? After being gone for awhile and returning , I couldn’t believe you really had a photo of you on your blog . At first I was t sure it was you. I smiled so big! You really are beautiful, and that beauty radiates from your soul. (And I don’t just “say” things. I don’t operate that way.)

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      3. Ahaha its sad i haven’t found the right surgeon yet. Looks like things haven’t reallly changed much.
        Ahaha yea i did post my pic on my profile pic a few times, was tired of explaining I’m not a stoner man. This was the most clear pic so far lol. And thanks 😊
        (And you said that too 😆)


    1. Thank you and you’re welcome.
      It’s high time we start normalizing being yourself and being the best of your own self (without pressures)
      Idk who came up with these standard, they don’t even make sense. It took me a long time to entirely get comfortable with my own self.


  3. This woman reminds me of those caricatures made by George Grosz about the high society in 1920, all about appearance and no substance. As it appears nothing has really changed since then, just the methods have become all too common, more facetious and deceptive.

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  4. What can i say? We live in a world that is obsessed with the “Thin Ideal”, Diet culture is all around us and so insideous that people like me only figured it out because my daughter was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa and had been half starving herself for YEARS because she thought if she were thin, everyone at school would like her. I am currently involved in undoing said daughter’s body dysmorphia and it is a loooooong process. As Felicia said, above, women die to be beautiful and not just full grown women, actually 11 year olds, and younger are being diagnosed with Anorexia, these days (and the pandemic has more than doubled the numbers of kids being diagnosed, btw) and we are ALL responsible for the toxic environment that has been created for those who are genetically vulnerable to this psychiatric illness. Well, I am making myself responsible for fighting against it wherever I can. Thanks for the reminder, we ARE all BEAUTIFUL and the ones that are being most hurt by our toxic culture are the most beautiful, sensitive souls you can imagine.

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    1. i am sorry..
      this world can get so cruel at times. you are right about each and every word. i gained weight on prednisone and i still struggle to lose it. i have to remind myself my body was under treatment for 5 years straight and i should be kind to it. it’s real struggle to not fall for shallow standards we are made to believe.

      thanks for speaking up on the subject. the whole world is a market place and everyone is trying to cash our insecurities. i can only hope things get better.

      They indeed are the most sensitive souls.
      I wish your daughter recovery, healing and confidence in herself.

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      1. Aw, thanks for your understanding and support, Stoner – She’s 2 1/2 years into recovery and making really good progress – Anorexia recovery is such a looooong journey, not to mention that she has significant co-morbids.

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      2. I’m so glad to know she is making great progress. And i commend you for being there for her and making it a cause.
        That’s the whole thing with mental disorders/ or chronic illnesses, one thing triggers multiple and you are just dealing with so much. You both are really brave souls.
        I was under treatment for 5 years for an undiagnosed autoimmune condition. I might have to life with side effects rest of my life but there was no other option than accepting them and moving on.

        I wish all of us helath and recovery ❤️🙂

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      3. She’s my daughter, I’m not going to let the Anorexia monster have her, especially not at 17!!! We were fortunate she was as compliant as she was – a starved brain labors under the impression that it is perfectly ok – It’s kind of like rescuing someone from drowning when they don’t think they are and they keep trying to fight out of your grasp. Sounds like YOU have been through a number of years of really tough stuff, also, Stoner, I wish YOU all the best in your recovery also!


      4. Thank you so much!
        Your daughter and you sounds like a very strong duo.
        Tell your daughter “there is no 100% of anything. you keep working towards being your best, enjoying little moments of joy along the way. One day she will look back and she will be so proud of you and herself because she faught this monster at such young age she is capable of winning at whatever she wants in life” 🙂

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