Roses, not tulips

Been strolling all day. Covered like 4 5 places and samsung health is happy about it. It says i walked 17,537 steps which is my highest record.

Half of the day everything went great.

But then that gray cloud of gloom was back. And started overshadowing everything.

And the day ended with horrible melt-down in bathroom. I cried untill my eyes were red and hot and i couldn’t see properly.

Tomorow istambul will see a puffer fish roaming the streets.


I promised i will something not so negative.

Remember i was dying to see tulips?

Turns out that i missed the season by whole fking month.

But i saw something else.



There was a park in some places the whole place smelled like fresh wet roses.

That reminded me of my mom. She loved flowers, especially roses and jasmines. But think she liked all of them these 2 were more common maybe.

She would stay there for 2 3 days at least.

So yea.

That’s all for now.

Take care.

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