Life’s Better

Yesterday, i was climbing up the hills/caves today i was trekking down the valleys and crawling into underground city.


And saw sunrise from hotair baloon.


Since yesterday i genuinely started being grateful to God for blessing me with these experiences. And suddenly life started feeling better.

Also, im grateful i didnt take my childhood passion of pottery too seriously becuase i literally made a pottery master cry today. I wish i was kidding.


Talking to sis whenever possible and told her to have a blast at the wedding no matter who is able to attend and who is not.

Because of flight restrictions half of my family wont be there. Today after days of crying she finally have started focusing on events.

I smile when she smiles. As long as she looks happy, I’m good.

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  1. Ballooning seems like it’d be peaceful. Though I might find the height an issue. And, how did you make the pottery master cry?


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