Such is life..

Got a window seat on plane with really nice view.  mostly its the wing blocking the view or a person.


Got to see sunset on flight too, it was beautiful.


But life isn’t!

In my absence there was leakage in the ceiling, which caused some issue with power, so no electricity, some leakage, mould in some place and fridge is permanently dead!

It’s like life telling me “welcome home hun!”

Few times building maintenance guys came and everytime they try to fix it i lose 1 more bulb.

Feels like divine balance is at work again.. you had fun, now time to suffer.

Such is life..

Oh the good thing! My plants did better without me.

My last surviving 2 plants took care of themselves.


So here’s one positive thing.

Now, such is life..


maintenance guys have fixed a few AC which is great help in Dubai, and watching machine and stove. So better chances at survival!

and i found a power socket outside my apartment so I’m sitting on a cushion next to it right now, as i type this update.

i had an extension so charging my laptop and mobile, on the floor, outside my apartment!

They can’t even object they know i had short circuit.

well… interest life..

.. (1)

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    1. Thanks a usefull trick.
      i created a self watering system. just pot the whole pot in a bigger pot and put water in bigger pot only. the plant will take what it needs. i just tried it, could totally fail. but it lated really well for 10 days and there’s still some water left.


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