Frog in Boiling Water

We all have heard that fable right?

A frog when suddenly put into hot water, will jump out to save its life.

But if it’s put in normal temperature water and the water is slowly boiled, it won’t try to save itself as its body get adjusted with the suffering and it slowly dies.

FYI: it’s not true scientifically. 


When you get stuck in a situation for a very long time you get used to it with it no matter how traumatizing or stressful it is.

And when you finally get that one chance you have been waiting for so long, it confuses you. You get overwhelmed by fears, questions and doubts.

I wanted to make a decision for a long long time but there was always one thing or other stopping me.

Then 3 years back I thought it was time, but my family thought otherwise. And they have to be on board with me on this.

Now, they are the ones who want me to do it. I called my siblings to ask if dad is okay lol.

If you have the right support, everything get easier but I feel like that frog in hot water sometimes.

They all are holding my hand and asking em to jump but my body is already partially boiled.

And then I think, at least I’m alive. If I jump out now, there will be some irreparable damages.

But I might survive with all those burns and scars and with the help of my family.

Change is hard

Transition is hard

And when the ball is in your court, you fear making mistakes. It’s easier to blame others for whatever was imposed on you.


Enough of cryptic.

This time we are all on the same page and honestly I’m surprised by the love and support I’m getting from my family.

So, I’m going to jump and let’s see what life hold outside the boiling pan.


I really REALLY appriciate your kindness and support.

You guys are amazing! ❤️

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15 thoughts on “Frog in Boiling Water

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  1. Having support from your family is so very helpful. As well as support from friends. As for making mistakes, I’ve thankfully become more comfortable with that as I’ve grown older (I’m 48). Try to be kind to yourself — everybody makes mistakes. And they’re inevitable when you try something different. Doing the same thing everyday doesn’t have the risk of making many mistakes. I wish you well as you take your leap.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In my case i need support from my friends and family.
      yea, i think with time we realize we can’t grow without making and effort and mistakes.
      Thanks for kind words I will keep reminding myself that i need to be kind to myself. changes can me tough and exhausting.
      thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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