Mangosteen Appreciation Post

I dont really review food and all. But this fruit!!

This beauty has my heart.

I don’t know where else they can be found but the ones available here are from Thailand.

This is what they look like.

Then you take a knife and cut it horizontally in the middle but dont go all the way in, just cut like a little more from the outer most layer.

And then pull it apart.


Look at that cute cloudy flower.

Oh it looks like cotton flower!!


These fleshy garlic clove looking pieces come apart like so..


And then you can have it.

The smaller ones have no seed but the thick ones have seed in the middle very much fused with flesh.

It’s sweet and have refreshing taste.

It smells amazing

And I couldn’t think of any fruit I can compare its taste with.

Google says it taste like banana and peach, but NO. It does not taste like both.

It’s a bit pricey here so I dont have it frequently.

Since this is hands-down my favourite fruit, I felt like mangosteens deserve a separate post dedicated to them only

Do try it, if you can find it. It’s definitely worth trying.

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