Poem: “Autobiographile” – Text and Spoken Word – 24/07/20- Re-blog

This… gave me goosebumps.
Please listen to this poetry.

Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose

“Autobiographile” audio

I have experienced this before and triumphed. 
I have ridden the tempestuous waves and reigned freely.
I have arisen from the waking dead and become full of life,
now an ability to see, to breathe.
I have lived, and I have learned,
and this is what I wish to be seen.

Personally, I’ve taken chances, I’ve danced around the point on many occasions,
I’ve felt exalted and indulged in certain forms of delectation, 
those which cut the edge, which sharpened minds,
but which drained a soul, caused a family’s divide. I am lucky to be unconditionally loved, I was always forgiven. No matter the paths I took, I sought, I willingly wandered down, because my curiosity definitely killed the cat and allowed certain truths to be explored and owned, I didn’t decide to perform such missions as a means of breaking others, it was simply my choice, selfish…

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