You Deserve to be Happy

You know whats the worst part of being in an abusive relationship??

You start to question and blame yourself.

Because they manipulate you into thinking that no matter how horrible their behaviour is, they are the best you could ever get.

And the society keeps reminding you world out there is worse.

So you just sit back in a corner and wait for your slow death, accepting your fate. The fate that’s fed to you mind.

A lot of people stay in abusive relationships because change can be extremely intimidating. I have seen people suffering from all sort of abuse and still staying.

Some even have all the support in the world and all the options they can get to build a better life. But it’s their heart and soul that’s broken.

You feel shattered and scattered and you dont know where to start collecting yourself from.

Somebody who wants to enslave you in a relationship is always going to be insecure and will always be scared of losing control over you, all the time.

Honestly, i dont know what to say

I can’t promise once you get out, outside world will be giving you warm fuzzy hugs.

I can’t assure you will spring back and full-fill all you dreams at once.

But i feel..

I just feel freedom is worth all the pain and suffering you go through during the process.

Once you are out of shackles of a bully, you are no more afraid of their schemes, humiliation, lies and constant gaslighting.

The toxins they injected in you will slowly drain out. Without fear, you are able to think straight and focus on yourself, that abusers never let you do.

And then there will be you. A stronger and wiser than ever person who literally rose from ashes. And trust me once you have actually survived some real shit in life, the rest of the life becomes easier.

Always know you are not what people tell you and you deserve to be happy!

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5 thoughts on “You Deserve to be Happy

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  1. Most of the disappointments people experience in their lives are the result of their involvement with others. Other people are nothing to us if not frustrating! If a situation becomes too difficult to deal with, we are escaping into “emotions”, hoping the situation will transform itself magically into a fairy-tale, instead of dealing with it in a practical and unemotional way.
    In the end, it comes down to encourage people involved in those dysfunctional situations, to take responsibility for their choice, rather than getting stuck into a continuum where they blame others for the decision they made and the actions they keep on taking.
    However, this might not apply to traditional societies where women still lack the freedom of self-determination.

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    1. That’s right. people try to cover actual problems with emotions and that never ends well, it just allows the other person to push boundaries further and this keep getting worse.

      i wish it was easier to deal with situations in practical way without being called selfish or insensitive.

      that’s what I’m trying to say, it’s not going to be easy to accept what’s wrong and look for solution, it’s never easy but eventually you get control of your own life at least.

      it’s tragic women in my side of world heavily depends on family and society for almost everything. and mostly it’s emotional dependence. they could be financially indipendent and still owe explanation to the whole country.
      things are getting slightly better tho, but we are still far from freedom of of making decisions of our own lives

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