Bored in transition..

When your life has been constantly riddled with fears for years, you forget what being safe feels like.

It’s like when the first blast of fresh air hits you when you come out of confines of a small musty cave.

Or when somebody opens window of a dark room and you feel like sun concentrated all its light on you alone. And you feel that punch in the eye from nature.

You don’t know what to do with this suddenly lightness on your shoulders when fears disappear. Shoulders without stress feel weird tbh.

First response, you fall asleep like a baby. Whoever coined that phrase was so wrong human babies are the lightest sleepers in all the creations, but you know what I mean here.

I slept like a baby elephant.

Once your system has had enough rest, that vacuum hits you.

And you wonder, is this what freedom feels like?

Never knew feeling safe and free will be such a complex emotion.

I had too many plans for pre-moving phase and too many plans for post-moving phase.

But none for the phase in the middle where everything is transitioning on different paces and you can only wait for them complete.

So, after organizing and reorganizing I’m getting kinda bored. And bored isn’t good for me.

So here I am. Doing my thang.

Hoping to more reading writing creating and learning about anything and everything.


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