Fat Tailless Chameleon

Few weeks back I was standing in my living room when Dad was sitting on a sofa when midway he paused, then stood up and then let out the most dramatic “WHAAATTTT” he has ever let out.

It was soap opera level dramatic!

I thought if he stood up, I shouldn’t even try to sit because I might have to run very soon.

“what?” I almost whispered.

And then he started moving furniture to look for something, most probably something that can run, crawl or if you are having a bad day..FLY!

“I saw just the shadow of something” dad said still searching.


What was a color? Stupid question, shadows are black/grey.

“i don’t know, I didn’t have my glasses” 

He still didn’t have them and was still looking. I wish he didn’t see it at all.

Then I saw something dash across the room from under the one sofa to under the 2nd.

And the charades began.

“yes there’s this thing, it’s very fast, probably round, grey and very small, like bigger than cockroach but not cockroach.”

It’s not a house lizard which is the most common roomie here. 

“maybe it’s a very fat chameleon with very thin tail which became invisible when it ran, and it was under the sofa so became dark.” that’s me trying to make sense.

Chameleons are roomies of our plants.

Now dad was moving furniture still looking and he told me to wake my brother up. Now these two men of the family were looking for this unknown creature and I was looking very hard at the whole situation from 5 miles away.

Nobody could find it that day.

Few days later, I saw it dash across the kitchen floor when my brother was cooking, he was wearing his glasses but now I feel they all need to get tested again because I am the only one seeing it!

This time it went from below the fridge to below a trolley which is a mini kitchen within kitchen. It’s contents are onions to grocery bags to notebook pen eggs mittens…everything that didn’t have a designated place.

There’s no way we could move it because it was holding newspapers and paper bags against the wall.

“that small round grey thing ran and hit under it, and it’s not a cockroach”

“oookaayyyyy! I see. This thing is only traveling on floor, this is a mouse!” My brother concluded.


“It has to be, what else it can be?’ This time he wasn’t even bothering to look.

I was thinking about tail-less fat chameleon but mouse was making more sense now.

We just gave up on it. It’s been days and we have no clue where it is now. Planning to set a trap soon or next time it comes out it will be 10 times bigger.

I suggested opening all the entry points of home maybe it will go out, but dad said maybe its rest of the family will come in too.

One day dad said “don’t worry it’s scared of humans”

“Well, I’m sure it knows humans live here and still it came in, so I don’t think that’s true” 

So at the moment we have a mouse, a whole clan of house lizards of all sizes, a chameleon as permanent residents. These are the creatures we are aware of…

I will never be alone.


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22 thoughts on “Fat Tailless Chameleon

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  1. Well, you better start to panic. I was once equally casual about one “mouse in the house” only a few weeks later it had turned into a family. Someone told me they can breed every 24 four days. I panicked! There are a million books and a cabinet full of drawings, and mice love to hide in such places. I bought five traps and poison pellets, which I do not like because they are brutal. But how do you stop a plague? The traps filled up quickly, unfortunately, those dying from digesting the pellets were difficult to locate and stank for days. Happy hunting!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. OMG our study! if it goes there we all are doomed!
      my friend told me the same thing “there’s never one mouse”
      five traps filled up quickly?? sound like actual plague. i ordered one trap, i think i should add some more. right now it’s just hidden somewhere we havent seen it in a few days but i think i should do more preparation.

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  2. Once upon a time a mole figured out how to get into my basement via an unused clothes dryer vent. Not to make a mountain out of a molehill, but, by the next time the critter scampered back into view, I managed to corner and cover it with a glass jar, slip a piece of cardboard underneath, and free it outdoors; but, not before I duct taped the drier vent shut.

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  3. Lovely: I must admit I laughed at your predicament a little – I’m lucky that the little field mice we get have so far stayed outside. I agree with the general consensus: get it gone, and quick before one becomes one hundred 😉 I love that you get lizards: not something that really happens here, though we once found a rouge baby salamander in the basement.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. They both were in my covered pots because the seedlings are too delicate right now. I didnt say anything to spider since it was just sitting there doing nothing.

        But the centipede! It was circling like crazy. Idk if it was possessed or what. I ran to get salt if you sprinkle salt at them they die. But this possessed centipede jumped to the other pot.

        So.. they both got to live..

        Idk if it was poisonous. I hope not..

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