So it begins…

Is it me or everyone gets dramatic when we start reading a must-read book ?

Last week have been overwhelming.

Overwhelmed being common emotion running through my folks these days. My friend said that could be because 2021 is ending and people are sort of assessing their performance throughout the year.

I was overwhelmed because a lot was going on and I didn’t have my closest friend to self-talk with. Yea I need a close friend to talk to myself, it’s weird. I know.

But I came here and vented out and some of you beautiful souls have been helpful. It’s amazing this is place has a magic of it’s own.

Now I’m dealing one crisis at a time no matter how long it takes. Since, none of those were emergency situation, I’m dealing on my own pace.

I avoided using my phone for a few days, enjoyed baking for family and just did what I felt like doing without judging myself. I can afford that right now.

I just want to be lost…and where better to be lost than in a book?

So, with a calmer nerve and a relatively sorted mind I went to study to bring this baby to my room.


I have been saving it for a time like now.

Let’s see how it goes…

.. (1)

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