Need prayers

Guys I have been on insane rollercoaster since yesterday. I can’t even explain. Will tell you the whole story after tomorrow for sure.

I got interview call from a big firm! Like one of the best ones! 

Tomorrow is the day. I have to study a lot. It’s like doing PhD in a day!

Please pray for me. 

Take care

Love you guys! I’m grateful for all of you!

23 thoughts on “Need prayers

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  1. I have been through a similar situation recently. I still think that a job interview is so much like a blind date. I hope so much that it goes well….but just like a blind date – you might end up very happy, or you may be relieved you had an escape.

    But the whole experience of being interviewed is totally traumatic. My recent interview process was. Remember as far as the interviewers are concerned, they have a whole line of blind dates lined up. So don’t be afraid to show some personality. I am not sure that interviewers these days want to employ a robot without character, they seem to want to know you can be reliable, punctual, have stick-ability and will be a positive enjoyable presence. When it comes to the work itself – so much can be learnt. Being a positive force, that is something they rely on you to bring along.


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