The Interview Story

Story time guys!

Grab your snacks…coffee..water bottle. It’s a long one.

2 days back (Monday), 14th feb

I had done processing of all my options to take from here for my future. Which involved moving to another country, pursuing education, jobs, or combination of some of them.

I called Sam and did some self-talk with her and told her that if I get a call in the comming 2 months, I will join, if I don’t, I will focus on other options.

The moment this call ended I got call from one of the 2 firm I had applied at. And they asked me if I could come next day, to which I agreed.

But then life threw another curveball I got the call when I was leaving to get my id renewed.

That place… nightmare is an understatement. I had to wait 7 hours! Out of with 2.5 hours were standing in sun with winds slapping dust on your face which settles into every crevice of you and sticks there.

I looked at my bag it had thick layer of sand and I was wondering…shit my hair!!

And you know you need to get a picture for id… yea this one was a disaster too (as always). I think I have gotten used to it now.

It doesn’t even look like me but I have bigger issues.

I came home and had to write some documents for dad on urgent basis.

Then had to go to sister’s place for dinner.

Came back home 1 am looking like sandman.

Yesterday 15th Feb 2022

Next morning I made the hard call to reschedule it next day.

And thank God I did!

I dug all study material that I already had and whatever my friends sent me.

Then I made a study plan, pulled an all-nighter, and preparing for the interview.

Today, 16th feb, 2022 : Waiting Area (written there only)

How intimidating do I look?

I do have resting b**** face most times but I also have mask.

Idk why I feel they are scared of me.

But I know soon it will be my turn to be scared.

Weird paintings probably by partners kid… or himself.. when he was a kid.

It’s not too bad. No broken chairs…

Nobody on reception probably because of break.

Thank God they stopped Dad downstairs and he is waiting in building’s waiting.


He tagged along

Not that I’m a toddler..he INSISTED! He was adamant!

I didn’t want to take him.

Everyone who knew he is going, got shocked!!!

Why is everybody scared???

What’s happening?

Still waiting for somebody to start taking my interview, It’s been an hour.

I’m in conference room. Thats where they put you everytime.

Did i say put you..yea..

Today, 16th feb, 2022 : The interview.


The whole interview was technical as shit. The guy ask me a million questions about the my field and work I did on the other firm (that was also Big4)

If I get this job, it will be 2 out of 4 of big4 firm, which is so cool!

Well. He was very anxious and fidgety and was shooting questions and hypothetical scenarios, but don’t worry your girl got this! I answered all of them! Even though it is something I did around 10 years back!

This whole thing has made me feel more confident about myself and my potential because it was a tough one.

Btw I got to know the interviewer himself got rejected recently after a job interview so maybe he was taking revenge from me…idk


I didn’t mention my arts and creative writing. Nothing about my blog, obviously I don’t want them lurking here when I’m spewing poison about them. My venting space is private.

I think it didn’t go bad. They already made a verbal sort-of offer. I will wait for the official one.


Idk where my life is going. One moment I was thinking of moving abroad to study, next moment I got call from biggest firm here.

My sis said, “you are getting things before even asking these days.”

And unicorn said “the world is bending backwards to help you.

I agree with both of them 🙂

Thanks a lot everyone for prayers and wished. You all are way beyond amazing. I must have done something right in life that I found such incredibly supportive people.

Life’s never been easy, but now I’m convinced I always had someone or other who made it a bit bearable.

Thanks everyone again, I’ll forever be grateful for your presence in my life.

Take care of yourselves please, you all are too important to me 🙂

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