The Interview Story Part-2

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I’m still trying to process it and I have a feeling when it will finally hit me, I’m gonna start crying with joy.

The day got off to a bad start, Dad’s sugar levels dropped so he had to eat and wait till he could stabilise.

And yea he was adamant in going with me again. I’m 34!!!! 

I really hope he let’s me go to work alone…

And one cab accepted the ride and vanished for half an hour.

 And then called us to tell us to cancel ride.

Thank God next driver knew the destination too well and we got there on time. But it did rattle my mental stability a little.

A vacant reception welcomed me again. The interview time was close. First I thought maybe I should call the guy who called me and inform them but then I thought if that’s HR department and they call to this department telling them there’s nobody on the reception, maybe it wont be a very nice situation. So I waited.

Until I stopped a random guy and told him.

Then he vanished…

I wasn’t entertained by this sorcery.

Finally somebody came and made me sit in another conference room. This was smaller but better equipped. And somebody got me a glass of water and asked for tea coffee etc. 

So I was being treated better already. Audit firm giving you air to breathe is a huge favor!

Moving on…

The Interview

After an eternity which I passed playing dream blast, texting and laughing at jokes I can’t remember, I was sent to director’s room.

He was one of those really nice people who radiate really nice vibe. 

On the day of first interview, the guy was shooting questions on me and I had no opportunity to give a clear picture about myself and what I can offer.

If I hadn’t prepared well, I would have vaporized in the chair.

This time I told him first I would like to tell about myself and he listened.

Rest was more informal. And I remembered a blog friend here suggested to not be afraid to show your own personality.

Then he got up and brought the partner in. Wasn’t prepared for this. 

The partner was more interested in my skills, which I was happy about. 

I told him about my passion for mental health awareness, writing and arts. And my book too, but I didn’t share links to any of them. I want this life to be private and confidential unless I’m under a legal obligation.

He was interested in seeing my art, so I showed him a pastel work and a charcoal sketch.

I think he liked it and encouraged that I don’t quit expressing myself through art. 

I later found out he paints…cool right?

And I forgot about my reading, and books and guitar and love for plants…but then maybe they would think I have too many hobbies and maybe won’t be that serious work…or I’m just tried not to feel too bad for forgetting.


After some time he got up and left.

And then Director called the admin guy and said “bring the forms”

I was like …what?? I didn’t say that loud tho.

But my body temperature took a free fall.

He told me they are going to offer me a job (not internship) and better pay, called a girl and told her to introduce me to the team and give me an informal orientation.

I thought she was from HR and started yapping away with her, and later found out I would be reporting to her…we both heard the crickets.

This time, it was my smile’s turn to vanish.

Everyone mutually decided I should be joining on Monday.

I took those forms and came downstairs where dad was waiting.

Yea… seriously I really hope he give up on it. I can’t take him to work everyday!

Post-interview situation

Over the weekend I have to trim my hair. 

Hey I got barber’s shears!!! And these are so good

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-18 at 4.05.51 PM

Finally I can’t hear my every strand being cut individually.

Have to fill those form, gather my docs. Figure out commute.

And hopefully process what has just happened in last 4 days…

It’s funny how your life can get stuck at one point for years, and then suddenly it start flowing with full force in literally 4 days.

Can’t be more grateful for every soul who held my hand in testing times.

I really pray and hope I can give this support and kindness into the universe, the way I received it.

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  1. Awesome! I love your dads love. But ya… go with Brian… sneak out. Or promise to call him on breaks.

    Congratulations. I look forward to hearing about your new journey.

    And PS. You DO lift others. Donna

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