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On Mon, Feb 21, 2022, 3:25 AM Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:

Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

30 years of counseling and psych care party line,you begin to think you are a . Science can’t be wrong,exercise,music,socializing HELPS ease anxiety and depression,period.

Maybe they do,scientifically.

I wouldn’t recognize any relief because it sparks another stressful symptom.

Sensory overload.

And I love music so this ticks me off. No malingering here. But same reason I cannot fall asleep to music-it hypes me up. Increased heartrate,racing mind,influx of emotions that either want to rock out or break down.

This is NOT helpful with anxiety. Quickly,it overwhelms,even hurts my ears and head,makes me jumpier. Zero relief,really. Sure,severity of my anxiety can shift and occasionally it is enjoyable but since I had my kid…Total sensory overload. And doctors will not listen,just reject the notion as some sort of personality issue with feeling better.

Exercise to help depression? IF I can handle the anxiety to get moving,then I find myself either unable…

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  1. Yes, I am in the same boat; music is the last thing on the list I would choose when on the downward spiral. Music and whatever stimulants one prefers is reserved for having a good time! Abusing it as a band-aid, as you so well pointed out, to smooth over the anxieties, will end up connecting it with the negativity of those dark moods. It shows once again how much ignorance (as my own experiences with those so-called experts have shown) still permeates the pseudo-science of psychology.
    Excessive exercise will tire me out and can lead to a temporary easing of my adrenaline level. But again, it proved effective only for that period. There is a limit to what the physical body can endure.
    Stillness and the avoidance of all interactions with the other, gardening, listening to the birds, or long walks through the forest proved to be in my case the best countermeasures when the darkness tried to pull me into the abyss.
    In my opinion, there is no other option but for every individual to work out their personal rituals how to deal with the dark side. First by observing themselves and then acting accordingly. Unfortunately, there is no prediction of how long it might take and again it all depends on what kind of personal trauma one has to deal with.
    In my opinion, those behavioural manuals, intended for general application, only work in the interest of those who hand them out!

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    1. o my God! this is the most usefull thing i have read on coping recently and it all make perfect sense. I’m guilty of overloading all of my senses to cope, just so that I’m too busy for negative thoughts and that leaves me drained. it all makes sense.
      I’m grateful for author of this post for speaking up about it.
      And thank you for your words of wisdom as always 🙂

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