Chameleonic Nature of Trauma

The worst thing about trauma is its surprise attacks.

It can hit you at a perfectly normal day sometimes even a day when you are happy and having a good time (for a change).

And bam!

There is this monster crawling out of shadows and creeping in.

The other worst part?

It’s exceptionaly good at disguising itself.

With chameleonic nature, it sits still somehwere in the middle of everything else going on in your mind and closes its eyes.

Perfectly still.

Yesterday, sunday, was such a day.

I had work. Yea…welcome to audit firm life.

I had work all day. Family has been really kind throughout, just had dinner at sister’s place one day back. All was well.

And suddenly I had hot tears teeming down my eyes.

Their heat was painful and their flow was perplexing.

It was like those sensor taps.

One moment they were flowing like river, next moment they were gone, and reappeared just the same way.

I thought I was overwhelmed, but with what?

There was no reason.

Then I saw its eyeslids flickering.

The revelation didn’t help the situation I must admit, but better than keep looking for a reason.

Idk when I will get used to of its presence or if I ever will.

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