Why does Dissociative Identity Disorder exist? – MHA Re-blog

On January 13, 2022, Author of blog wediditptsd wrote:


On the way to session, someone reminded us why we had DID. The diagnosis made sense with losing time and discontinuous experience. But the revealing evidence to us of the in-brain divisions was in the hospital circa summer of 2018.

Our therapist there assigned us homework to document all the trauma we’d ever experienced. We were given a few days to do this.

We wrote everything we could remember in our journal. It was not chronological—and maybe couldn’t really be—because some trauma was ongoing while other time-limited events occurred during it.

We wrote as many different traumas as we could remember (just labels—not full recounting).

In those few days, we would be triggered to a particular trauma and would search in our journal to see is we had documented it. In many cases, we hadn’t documented it. This astounded us. These were major life traumas, and they were not secrets…

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