The 0.05 Cu. Ft. Cell-MHA Re-blog

On July 19, 2016, the author of wrote:

just drive, will you?

This one is kinda long, just so you know, but I need to say all of it.

This is how depression sometimes feels to me:


Sometimes, life gets so overwhelming, I can literally feel The Weight of Everything. My shoulders slump. My sides hurt. It actually feels like the boulder is about to flatten me.

I get to thinking about all the mistakes I’ve made and continue making in my life, couple that with all the many ways I feel inadequate as a human being, and finally, contemplate all the wrong there is in this world, and how truly hopeless it all seems, and that big rock is almost too much to hold. It’s a chain reaction of negativity that, unfortunately, is easily ignited.

This, also, is how depression sometimes feels to me:


I’m at the bottom of this deep, dark pit, and I can see light way up above…

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