Eid Bling!

After sanding my face to the bone

Using all the makeup I own

Spending hours ironing my clothes…and hair…

Wearing ghumkay (earrings), that irritated my ears in 2 hours. Yeah some people can only wear very few metals.

And wearing the max heal I can stand on, that’s like 1 inch.

This is the height of the traditional Eid bling I could pull off.

And thanks to my family who doesn’t know how to take pictures of humans, and me who doesn’t still know how to pose…

These 2 are literally the best pictures!

It was fun meeting the whole clan after God knows how many years.

The kids I never saw are like 2. The kids who were 2 the last time I saw are like 10… very confusing. But we all had a great time.

Hope you are having a good day too 🙂


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20 thoughts on “Eid Bling!

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  1. Hi belated Eid wishes to you. I have often wondered as to what some of the people I follow look like(especially if their photo is not on display). I take a guess most of the times about their age and make an imaginary picture in my mind. Your Eid photos come as a breath of fresh air. You are looking classy and beautiful. I am happy to know that Stoner..has a face now and I feel easy to have a connect. Stay blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s hard to put your face out there when you are so open and vulnerable with your writing and art.

      But sometimes I do take that risk just when i feel like doing it. It’s empowering in It’s own way.

      Thanks a lot for complements, really appreciate it.

      You stay blessed too 🙂


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