Yay Meee!

Guess what??

One night with the baby and my brother-in-law told me sis “please tell her (me) to come and stay with us over the weekend. We can’t….”

Guess where I am right now??

With my handsome little nephew!!

My baby made sure I’m here with him. The first night with his parents he turned their life into hell.

And I came here last night, and the whole night he was the most disciplined baby. Waking every 3 hours and sleeping well.

Everyone here is like…wth lol

And OMG I got my coffee here.

I ran out of my coffee stock and honestly, I only use this brand and this particular flavour so I was worried. And then I found it online and instantly ordered it and thank God it’s genuine.

And I also found my melatonin here. And that too turned out to be the same thing.

Did I just mention melatonin and coffee together? Hmm interesting.


And oh looks like I will be doing the next assignment without any supervision.

This sounds like going a level up, but it’s a little intimidating. Let’s see how this rolls out.

And oh, on one of the assignments, and a big one, the client agreed with all of my findings! Each of them.

Yayyyy meee!

See, I don’t always have bad news to share.

I’m also trying my best to be there for my cousin. I call her every day even if it’s a short call. Sometimes twice.  Thanks for encouraging me to call her again. She was struggling so hard, and still is.

I am encouraging her to start a gratitude journal and told her about the daily affirmations app I have. Also remaining her how artistic she used to be when we were kids. Trying to introduce as many coping tools to her as I can.

Also shared Sarah May’s podcast. It helped me a lot.

I’m hopeful with little effort she will be better.

So. Life’s good.

It’s not easy at all, but not bad at all either. 🙂


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