Pretty Leaf

Just came to share untouched picture of this pretty leaf i just took. Not perfect, but pretty.


Looks like i will be stealing little moments from the day to appriciate it. While maddenning madness of life keeps making me mad.

17 thoughts on “Pretty Leaf

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  1. It’s likely (y)our state of mind is a good sign. I would wonder / worry about anyone who’s oblivious to (or worse yet content with) the daily madness playing out on the world stage; that entire mucked up mess worming its way into our homelands, hometowns; hell, even into our very homes. And, btw, that pretty leaf IS perfect for it offers you (and me) solace.

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    1. At the time i posted it, i was definitely in better state of mind. People who are too content with worldly madness, make me uncomfortable. They are not wrong and most probably more satisfied with thier existing situations, but i person without drive, questions and no willingness to look outside thier tunnel, exhaust me.

      Their “contentment” has full potencial to switch to jealousy and insecurity.

      Agreed. Glad that leaf offered you solace too 🙂

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